Life in the End Times

Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

3D Tiling Project

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The first step of this project was to create our own shape.
Mine is 4 sided but the surfaces aren’t fully covered.
The next step was to tile it into a 3d object by glueing it together.
Created Winter 2006

3D Class Project from Fall Quarter 2005

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The assignment had to do with creating a sculpture out of things we use everday. I looked for an item that I had a lot of in the house and it was plastic bags. At first I was planning to coat them with a stiffening agent and hang them from the ceiling, but then, somehow it developed into a more functional item. I wanted to make it large enough to be a quilt that perhaps a street person could use, since it would be insulating and good for keeping a body off the ground. But the process was so time consuming that it was impossible to meet that deadline.

Each ball I would roll it into itself and sew the tops together like a dumpling. Then I was using a thread, needle and pliers to string them together. But it proved to be difficult- my needles kept breaking because the plastic was dense when compacted. In the end, for the sake of speed, I hot-glued them. It made a nice personal mat, or rug.

Using plastic bags from stores also had a meaning- First off, is that the world runs on plastic. From a consumer perspective, all the purchases we make, and the accumulation of bags are a visual indicator of our want and need for things. I intentionally tried to incorporate the bags from stores that I frequent. Material goods become the “cushion” that makes life comfortable. Ironically though, the same, store-branded plastic bags also litter the streets and become the very container to throw out our trash- sometimes the very products we bought. Most things don’t last very long. But we still tend to amass plastic bags. (I still have a lot to think through about the meaning behind this sculpture. But those were the initial thoughts)

I neglected to put these photos up after I documented them. They’re mostly destroyed now because we put it under our kitchen rug, which adds a nice cushion for the feet when washing dishes, but then Shin’s big feet kept popping them.

Finally Finished

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Finishing the Train

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I think I’m finished with this first installment of wedding invitations. I dropped off the remaining pieces this morning at my “client’s new apartment. That feels pretty refreshing. But I’m still wrapping up this darn train. The truth be told, I am pretty good at recreating from visuals. The train was drawn in front of an actual, live train. But the rest of the train didn’t exist. So, I’m left to imagine the rest and draw. This is where I falter. I have to use my imagination… If I was good at drawing from memory, maybe I could draw people too, but I can’t. So my way of adapting my weakness was to turn the rest of the train into something surreal, after getting a hold of some neat images. In the meanwhile, my professor hasn’t given me an official grade yet! So that has me a little stressed to finish this. This is where I have to be a professional and not a hobbyist.
In the meanwhile, I’m craving a filet-o-fish.

In a short while I’m going to drive over to Ralphs and pick up a can of spam… or… maybe something healthier and make some kimchee stir fry for Shin and my dinner. Usually it’s just kimchee, spam and rice but I might throw in some peas and carrots, and maybe some chicken instead.. make it a sort of Chinese/Korean fried rice, kimchee variety. Ok… that could turn out really weird.. we’ll just have to see… for now I should get back to the lead and shade away.. I’ll update with some pictures shortly.

Train sketches

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This is what I’m working on this morning.. I had a really great perspectives teacher who, instead of drawing a bunch of boring buildings for our final project, he told us to go to the Travel town museum to draw trains..Thats where Shin and I took the jump pictures below. So.. .it’s spring break… but I’m finishing this up to show him, because he liked how it was coming a long and wanted me to take my time on it.. I like it too.. but I only have pictures for the first part of the train.. the rest I’d have to make it up… so I was contemplating making it surreal…. like making the last half of the train turn into a roll of quarters or something.

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