Life in the End Times

Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

Earrings II

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Earring Project

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Jewelry making was my hobby since the 5th grade when my sister Jean and her friends would go to the bead store in Lake Forest and make bracelets. I loved jewelry even though I hardly wore any at that age. I happened to receive, collect, and hoard a lot of costume jewelry from the consignment store that I frequented. Now, at 24, a girl I know has reinspired me to create pieces of art that I can wear. Here’s a few and I’ll continuing adding more later.

Vintage Romance
“Vintage Romance”

“Berries & Pink champagne”

“Chrystal ballet”

My "Party girl" earrings
“Party girl”

“Sweet Pedantic” 10/7/05

A Swim in Tropical Waters
“Carribbean Bubbles”

“‘Palm Trees at Sunset’