Life in the End Times

Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary


Filed under: God Thoughts — Annie at 1:17 am on Saturday, March 6, 2010

I hung out with my cousin today and she gave me some new storage pieces that require assembly. Shin did one and went to sleep. I was whining and hinting for him to do the other more complex one but to no avail. So I started working on it. Because I’ve historically always left it up to Shin to do that kind of thing I never realized what risk it requires of ruining something perfectly new or damaging it, or worse making it usable but rickety… So the first thing I realized about building Target “furniture” is that it takes a level of courage!

Then I got to thinking about Jesus while I was tightening the umpteenth screw, and how Jesus was a carpenter and did this sort of thing all the time when the question suddenly arose in my mind, How would Jesus have felt seeing the nails from his trade about to be hammered into his flesh.

And then it dropped into my mind that Jesus wasn’t born into the carpenter trade arbitrarily. He came as a carpenter knowing He would be executed by a product of carpentry- a wooden cross. It symbolizes how the Creator was killed by the thing He created. Jesus the Creator came as a man and was crucified by man. Jesus was a carpenter and crucified on a tree.

God is so intentional. The truth of His words reverberate again and again and again. What an amazing God.