Life in the End Times

Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

River Released Dream May 5 2012

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Dreamed we were all going to Raymond and Grace’s place and were going to help them paint a bathroom olive green. We are driving through the neighborhood and see people in one home through the window setting up leg less chairs on the floor= we realize they are preparing for church at home. When we arrive the whole church is there. Some people watching Les Mis, etc etc. There are some olympic games going on. Supposedly one of those games/players is outside just a few blocks away. A lot of us start walking and have to climb this blue staircase down. The steps are so far apart you have to jump from step to step, but there are walls, and support underneath. At the bottom of the blue staircase there’s a girl making a dress with the same pattern I used. I tell her I’ve made that dress, etc. We exchange names and shake hands. She isn’t part of the church she is selling earrings at the entrance. To our right we see where the park goes down more where the athletic events are taking place. At the park there are lots of swing sets. We are sitting in the sand looking up when we see a guy climb to the top of the swing sets. Must be 60ft high or so. He has protective gear but he jumps. I think I’m going to faint with shock but he’s fine.

All of a sudden we see/hear water rushing from behind the playground- a higher level flowing down and it fills up and starts flowing into a river channel. Everyone has known this water would be released but no one knew when. At first the water in the channel is muddy but when we get to the edge of the water it is Hawaii blue and clear. But the current is strong and dangerous to go in or fall in. We have to cross this to get back to Raymond and Grace’s house. Shin is there and I look at the channel and see a small brick + wood path. I say we can cross there! But then realize that its a whole floating section of a path that is slowly inching by. So Shin grabs my hand and we are the first to cross over. People are still heading up and out of the park. A few people behind us also make it but we are telling people to cross over on the next available floating sections because there’s a sense that there won’t be as many easy opportunities to cross afterward as the water levels may rise more. I feel uncertain about the what the situation would be for others still on that side but I see a line of white vans lining up on the playground side, perhaps to help. I also see a woman far away walking with a polio limp-I wonder how she will be able to quickly cross over- but she hits the wall and is frustrated. We are also looking for Soojin and desperate for her to cross over but she isn’t in sight.

End of dream

Mission and Other Dreams

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Dreamed that I was in South America and I was in a field. The right half of the field had been cultivated but on the left side the ground had not been broken. A farmer on a tractor watched me quizzically as I created two planting rows. I felt out of place. I created two rows and covered it with plastic to heat up the soil and protect from marauding birds. But realized I had not planted any seeds in them. I opened my bag and in the place of seeds were an assortment of sewing notions, needles, buttons, etc.

Dreamed that Aunt Sarah asked us to come and assist in an English speaking country

Dreamed that I was at some church conference. Some people in the church began attacking me. They were powerful. The message of the dream was that the presence of 2 or 3 witches in a church can bring it down.

Dreamed that I was at a quilting factory run by a famous Korean quilter and her daughter. There was a gray haired male speaker, who was sort of the fundraiser chair, who presented the story of the quilter and her background as a persecuted Christian. In the story she was fleeing with a box strapped to her back and very ill and tired. She met a fisherman who was willing to risk his life to protect her and accept her in her state. They decided to marry and I saw a vivid quiet scene where her hand was in a clear stream of water with pebbles beneath and she is looking at the top of her hand through the water. She is wearing a simple wedding band like mine and suddenly it looked like/was my hand! And then his hand was also in the water. It was beautiful and I felt a wave of emotion. I was touched by the love, their courage, and the hardships. So the presentation ended and we are walking to another part of the building and I see this old painted advertisement that states the power of color to control people. We go outside and there are bunch of korean junior high kids in line being typical church kids. I show the daughter a WIP- a silk quilt that I started for my mom that was 80% done. But when I open it out all my quilting is somehow gone. I feel relief that I can start over. I look around at their inventory of cotton, silk, and polyester finished quilts

Disturbing Hawaii & Alice Dreams

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I’m swimming in the ocean and having a good time. The water is aqua. All of a sudden I realize there’s been a change. I look around, there’s no swimmers and surfers. The sky is a more afternoon grey tint. The water has grown calm. Then I realize it’s low tide and I am caught right in the middle of it. The first wave from the shore starts to form and come toward me. I duck. It wasn’t too bad. But another is forming behind me. I’m caught in Hawaii’s infamous waves. I’m furiously pedaling with my feet and I begin signaling with my arms in the hopes that a lifeguard will see me. But there’s no visible people on the shore.

Next scene. I’m playing volleyball and others are playing ping pong and everyone having a good time. I meet many different people- and everyone has their friends around. I’m waiting around for a game to open up. I’m talking to people here and there. I meet a painter who does murals and ask if he wants to paint our church mural. I’m on a balcony talking to a girl who thinks I’m her mom at a distance. There are different nationalities that are congregating among themselves at the ping pong table. Then all of a sudden there’s an enormous shadow across the sky and, almost like shadow puppets, I see volcanic lava slowing gurgling up all in shadow.

Everyone starts to book it. There was one group of people I knew who were now in an RV. I yell for them to wait and let me atleast grab the ladder on the outside but they take off. So I start trekking across the city terrain. I’m making okay speed and not entirely immobilized. But when I run across the earth I notice the ground beneath me is spongy and I realize there are large holes everywhere. Uh oh. I am using my hand like crutches and swinging my entire body over distances. One large snake starts to emerge and I poke a long stick in there, seeing it hiss at the stick for a millisecond.

Well I never see any lava. Eventually I see a few others I know but that portion of the dream never concludes positively. Rather, unfinished

Inheriting a House

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I dreamed that Shin and I were in the middle of some busy square. We were seated on cafeteria tables and chairs surrounded by many of the same. There were these two story flats that were kind of run down but there was also an entrance to another multi home complex.

Shin and I were happy and chatting but I sensed homelessness around us. People were muttering that they would want to live in these homes. There was a man giving some kind of speech or sermon who then asked, “Who would be willing to give up his home?” It was a rhetorical question but suddenly an old man sitting alone said, “I will give away my home.” (or give up my home.)

I was interested to see how they would determine a person to give it to. The man started praying and walking and I started praying silently for Shin and I was asking the Lord for more. Then the man came directly to Shin and placed his hand on Shin’s forehead and was praying! I understood that Shin was the recipient!

Shortly after we saw a pastor/missionary we know and he met us for coffee and he was sleepy and irritable- partly aggravated by the fact that we received the home.

My take on the meaning: Shin is about to inherit something- but what? And it wasn’t given to him directly, but by impartation. And it also involved me interceding and asking God to pour it out on Shin. That’s a lot of people involved in a gift being imparted. Perhaps the old man was God the Father. And what does the house represent? Is it a literal living space, spiritual inheritance, or symbolic- like a position of some sort?

Duckling Dream

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Early on in the dream I was in a supermarket and my FIL said that since our car broke down they would make the final payment on a silver car that they had been making payments on and it would be ours.

The main part of the dream was that I was at the beach and our cousin Julie and her 5 month old(?) were there. And also my friend Laura whose pregnant was there. In the water there were whales and other large animal life very close to the shore moving around. On the right most part of the shore there was a whale and a huge octopus but I was nervous about the octopus so I kept a distance. There was also a female who was swimming with a creature. When they emerged from the water the creature had this massive closed mouth like a whale or frog mouth (could it be the mouth of the birth canal?).

Then to our left someone was releasing into the water little ducklings, I followed one with my eyes and a little moth was fluttering around it and bothering it. Another one was just happily going further out. Then someone brought onto the water a large floating plastic tray with a bunch of small plants on it and the ducklings would come up on the tray and eat. It was very cute and I was taking photos on my digital camera.

When I viewed the pictures on my camera I saw, duck, duck, and then a baby! And I thought… wow babies look like little ducks, or vice versa.

Then my friend Laura suddenly rolled off the sand a small drop and she was anxious about her baby’s safety in the womb. So I asked if I could pray for her and she said ok. And I prayed for the safety of the baby. I asked God to confirm the baby’s safety by making the baby move again inside her and the baby moved so she was ok. She grimaced again and this time said it was nothing, the baby just had two teeth.

That was my dream on Saturday and presently I haven’t gotten my period for this month and I’m waiting to see if I could be pregnant…I think the shore is motherhood, and the creatures might be babies in the womb. But the ducklings are babies out of the womb? I don’t fully understand it but… maybe with time.

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