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River Released Dream May 5 2012

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 7:19 am on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dreamed we were all going to Raymond and Grace’s place and were going to help them paint a bathroom olive green. We are driving through the neighborhood and see people in one home through the window setting up leg less chairs on the floor= we realize they are preparing for church at home. When we arrive the whole church is there. Some people watching Les Mis, etc etc. There are some olympic games going on. Supposedly one of those games/players is outside just a few blocks away. A lot of us start walking and have to climb this blue staircase down. The steps are so far apart you have to jump from step to step, but there are walls, and support underneath. At the bottom of the blue staircase there’s a girl making a dress with the same pattern I used. I tell her I’ve made that dress, etc. We exchange names and shake hands. She isn’t part of the church she is selling earrings at the entrance. To our right we see where the park goes down more where the athletic events are taking place. At the park there are lots of swing sets. We are sitting in the sand looking up when we see a guy climb to the top of the swing sets. Must be 60ft high or so. He has protective gear but he jumps. I think I’m going to faint with shock but he’s fine.

All of a sudden we see/hear water rushing from behind the playground- a higher level flowing down and it fills up and starts flowing into a river channel. Everyone has known this water would be released but no one knew when. At first the water in the channel is muddy but when we get to the edge of the water it is Hawaii blue and clear. But the current is strong and dangerous to go in or fall in. We have to cross this to get back to Raymond and Grace’s house. Shin is there and I look at the channel and see a small brick + wood path. I say we can cross there! But then realize that its a whole floating section of a path that is slowly inching by. So Shin grabs my hand and we are the first to cross over. People are still heading up and out of the park. A few people behind us also make it but we are telling people to cross over on the next available floating sections because there’s a sense that there won’t be as many easy opportunities to cross afterward as the water levels may rise more. I feel uncertain about the what the situation would be for others still on that side but I see a line of white vans lining up on the playground side, perhaps to help. I also see a woman far away walking with a polio limp-I wonder how she will be able to quickly cross over- but she hits the wall and is frustrated. We are also looking for Soojin and desperate for her to cross over but she isn’t in sight.

End of dream

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