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Mission and Other Dreams

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 9:15 am on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dreamed that I was in South America and I was in a field. The right half of the field had been cultivated but on the left side the ground had not been broken. A farmer on a tractor watched me quizzically as I created two planting rows. I felt out of place. I created two rows and covered it with plastic to heat up the soil and protect from marauding birds. But realized I had not planted any seeds in them. I opened my bag and in the place of seeds were an assortment of sewing notions, needles, buttons, etc.

Dreamed that Aunt Sarah asked us to come and assist in an English speaking country

Dreamed that I was at some church conference. Some people in the church began attacking me. They were powerful. The message of the dream was that the presence of 2 or 3 witches in a church can bring it down.

Dreamed that I was at a quilting factory run by a famous Korean quilter and her daughter. There was a gray haired male speaker, who was sort of the fundraiser chair, who presented the story of the quilter and her background as a persecuted Christian. In the story she was fleeing with a box strapped to her back and very ill and tired. She met a fisherman who was willing to risk his life to protect her and accept her in her state. They decided to marry and I saw a vivid quiet scene where her hand was in a clear stream of water with pebbles beneath and she is looking at the top of her hand through the water. She is wearing a simple wedding band like mine and suddenly it looked like/was my hand! And then his hand was also in the water. It was beautiful and I felt a wave of emotion. I was touched by the love, their courage, and the hardships. So the presentation ended and we are walking to another part of the building and I see this old painted advertisement that states the power of color to control people. We go outside and there are bunch of korean junior high kids in line being typical church kids. I show the daughter a WIP- a silk quilt that I started for my mom that was 80% done. But when I open it out all my quilting is somehow gone. I feel relief that I can start over. I look around at their inventory of cotton, silk, and polyester finished quilts

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