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Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

Korean Heritage

Filed under: Married Life — Annie at 10:01 am on Monday, October 25, 2010

I accidentally created a fart bomb. Not inside my body- although being pregnant sometimes it feels that way. No, I set out some dried mung beans in a bowl of water on Saturday night to soften them so I could make some delicious pork and kimchi Korean style pancakes called “bindae tuk”. Only after thawing my pork chops and double-checking my ingredients I realized I was missing kimchi. We don’t keep kimchi in our house or our fridge so I figured I could bring home some leftovers from church on Sunday. So I let the mung beans sit another day and I covered the bowl so no insects could get in and went to church.

We got home and opened the door and this awful awful odor cloud met us. My husband said, “Oh my gosh. It smells like Elijah’s poo! And then upon further entry he said, “The toilet must have overflowed!” And he rushed in to double check- or maybe just to relieve himself. I went into the two bathrooms and the first bathroom smelled fresh as bleach and vanilla. The second bathroom also smelled neutral. I went to the kitchen.

My bowl of mung beans was covered with this thick foamy layer of bubbles. I lifted one side of the bowl and sniffed and that was a mistake. I yelled to Shin, “IT’S THE BEANS!” And took it outside. I strained the water, asked Shin for a double plastic bag and an extra cup of water to rinse it out and took the culprit to the dumpster. It was amazing how even outdoors the smell could just hang out in the air right above the common walkway. There was absolutely no wind to carry the gas away.

Well I learned by error that I should probably refrigerate my mung beans or atleast leave it uncovered. And in the process have discovered lethal material for the perfect homemade dorm prank… But most importantly I feel connected to my deep Korean heritage… of fermentation.