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Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

Dream about Second Baby

Filed under: Baby — Annie at 9:31 am on Saturday, June 5, 2010

I dreamed I gave birth to a baby boy! He was born 6lbs 9oz and a week or two before his due date. I had no memory of labor pains. And oddly I knew he had been born, but I didn’t nurture him right away, almost as though I had been sedated and woke up. I wanted to nurse him because he hadn’t eaten anything. Then the nurse or someone was telling me not to nurse him b/c then he wouldn’t take formula. But I told them, “I don’t have formula here and I want to nurse him.”

Then I saw him upclose for the first time. I picked him up and looked into his face and he was cute. His eyes were almost a lighter color. Similar to his brother but his face shape and eyes were different. As soon as he cried my milk let down and I was surprised and happy to have milk since many women don’t get there milk in for a day or two. He took the breast with a little difficulty but finally latched on. Then I looked around and saw Elijah and he was this big boy and was chubby.

We hadn’t named him yet officially and I asked Shin, “What do you think of the name ‘Martin’? We’d call him ‘Marty'” And Shin said, “I like it.” So he was named Martin Johannes.

Then we headed home and tried to contact my in laws first and they weren’t picking up. My stroller wheel broke off as we were walking, we saw the pastor’s wife but she was busy planning a remodeling, and my parents weren’t that interested.

This was not a very good dream. And the name Martin means, “Servant of Mars, God of War” so that’s not gonna happen.

But the baby… he was beautiful.