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Second Time Pregnant

Filed under: Baby — Annie at 2:16 pm on Saturday, May 15, 2010

I’m pregnant! I’m about 11 weeks if my true LMP was March 2. I forgot how hard the first trimester is. How awful it is to feel sick all day, should I vomit or not, trying to play mind games and imagine that everything around me is pristine clean and that food is tasty. I have to do a lot of visualizing to feel appeal towards food and environment. I think watching food commercials or seeing other people eating helps to stir up my appetite that would otherwise be shot. Although of course there are sometimes immediate, “no way I can’t eat that” reactions too.

So far I’m having aversion to meats and am turning to beans and mushrooms as an alternative. Ready made salads are my delight. I subsist on oatmeal, cereal with or without milk, bananas, french bread, Real Lemon juice the product that I either squeeze directly into my mouth or mix with Perrier. I was really into oil and balsamic vinegar until I read one bottle that says ‘contains lead’ which scared the heck out of me. Also am doing well with pretzels and clear soups.

My favorite foods are mostly out the window, pasta with red sauce, pad thai, almost all cheeses, ugh. I’ll stop there before I gag.

Well today I came out of the shower and looked down and noticed some stuff around my nipple so I went to take it off and out came colostrum! Out of all the glands! It scared the heck out of me as that never happened the first pregnancy. I came online to see if that was normal or what. Usually can happen as early as second trimester or 20 weeks.

Maybe I am further a long then I think.. but if I am why isn’t my morning sickness going away?!

My current weight is about 134lbs. My pre-pregnancy weight is usually like 125. Gaining 10lbs in the first trimester is also very disturbing…I guess I will have to see how things go from here and try to watch my intake. With Elijah I gained a total of 24lbs and pushed out an 8lb 9oz baby. Maybe if I eat a bunch of junk food the baby will come out 7lbs like so many people I know. J/k They’re just enviable.

More to come.