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At the Restaurant

Filed under: In-Laws & Outlaws — Annie at 10:54 am on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We hadn’t seen our inlaws for a while due to Easter, although I tried really hard to arrange a meeting (called and invited them over to our home, or to stop by theirs- about 3 attempts). So anyway we finally met them on a Sunday with plans to eat out.

We arrived at their home and she gave our son an ice cream bar and a whole banana. She enjoys feeding him so okay.. although I’m not completely at ease about him eating that much sugar to begin with. We headed out to the restaurant and Elijah wouldn’t eat because of course he was full from ice cream and banana. He started getting antsy and cranky.

So my Mother In Law took him to the empty table next to us to play with him. She started standing him on the restaurant table with his shoes on and encouraging him to walk or crawl over the table to the seats. I asked her very politely not to teach him to stand on tables but she said very authoritatively, “Let him come to me.” So I went and sat back down next to my husband TICKED. I told my husband he was responsible for our son’s behavior b/c I was not going to confront his mother. My husband wasn’t really aware of what was going on. But finally my father in law scolded his wife saying you have to teach babies the right things from early on or they’ll grow up learning the wrong thing.

I couldn’t agree more.