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Disturbing Hawaii & Alice Dreams

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 10:06 am on Thursday, March 4, 2010

I’m swimming in the ocean and having a good time. The water is aqua. All of a sudden I realize there’s been a change. I look around, there’s no swimmers and surfers. The sky is a more afternoon grey tint. The water has grown calm. Then I realize it’s low tide and I am caught right in the middle of it. The first wave from the shore starts to form and come toward me. I duck. It wasn’t too bad. But another is forming behind me. I’m caught in Hawaii’s infamous waves. I’m furiously pedaling with my feet and I begin signaling with my arms in the hopes that a lifeguard will see me. But there’s no visible people on the shore.

Next scene. I’m playing volleyball and others are playing ping pong and everyone having a good time. I meet many different people- and everyone has their friends around. I’m waiting around for a game to open up. I’m talking to people here and there. I meet a painter who does murals and ask if he wants to paint our church mural. I’m on a balcony talking to a girl who thinks I’m her mom at a distance. There are different nationalities that are congregating among themselves at the ping pong table. Then all of a sudden there’s an enormous shadow across the sky and, almost like shadow puppets, I see volcanic lava slowing gurgling up all in shadow.

Everyone starts to book it. There was one group of people I knew who were now in an RV. I yell for them to wait and let me atleast grab the ladder on the outside but they take off. So I start trekking across the city terrain. I’m making okay speed and not entirely immobilized. But when I run across the earth I notice the ground beneath me is spongy and I realize there are large holes everywhere. Uh oh. I am using my hand like crutches and swinging my entire body over distances. One large snake starts to emerge and I poke a long stick in there, seeing it hiss at the stick for a millisecond.

Well I never see any lava. Eventually I see a few others I know but that portion of the dream never concludes positively. Rather, unfinished

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