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Duckling Dream

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 1:03 pm on Monday, March 1, 2010

Early on in the dream I was in a supermarket and my FIL said that since our car broke down they would make the final payment on a silver car that they had been making payments on and it would be ours.

The main part of the dream was that I was at the beach and our cousin Julie and her 5 month old(?) were there. And also my friend Laura whose pregnant was there. In the water there were whales and other large animal life very close to the shore moving around. On the right most part of the shore there was a whale and a huge octopus but I was nervous about the octopus so I kept a distance. There was also a female who was swimming with a creature. When they emerged from the water the creature had this massive closed mouth like a whale or frog mouth (could it be the mouth of the birth canal?).

Then to our left someone was releasing into the water little ducklings, I followed one with my eyes and a little moth was fluttering around it and bothering it. Another one was just happily going further out. Then someone brought onto the water a large floating plastic tray with a bunch of small plants on it and the ducklings would come up on the tray and eat. It was very cute and I was taking photos on my digital camera.

When I viewed the pictures on my camera I saw, duck, duck, and then a baby! And I thought… wow babies look like little ducks, or vice versa.

Then my friend Laura suddenly rolled off the sand a small drop and she was anxious about her baby’s safety in the womb. So I asked if I could pray for her and she said ok. And I prayed for the safety of the baby. I asked God to confirm the baby’s safety by making the baby move again inside her and the baby moved so she was ok. She grimaced again and this time said it was nothing, the baby just had two teeth.

That was my dream on Saturday and presently I haven’t gotten my period for this month and I’m waiting to see if I could be pregnant…I think the shore is motherhood, and the creatures might be babies in the womb. But the ducklings are babies out of the womb? I don’t fully understand it but… maybe with time.

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