Life in the End Times

Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary


Filed under: God Thoughts — Annie at 1:17 am on Saturday, March 6, 2010

I hung out with my cousin today and she gave me some new storage pieces that require assembly. Shin did one and went to sleep. I was whining and hinting for him to do the other more complex one but to no avail. So I started working on it. Because I’ve historically always left it up to Shin to do that kind of thing I never realized what risk it requires of ruining something perfectly new or damaging it, or worse making it usable but rickety… So the first thing I realized about building Target “furniture” is that it takes a level of courage!

Then I got to thinking about Jesus while I was tightening the umpteenth screw, and how Jesus was a carpenter and did this sort of thing all the time when the question suddenly arose in my mind, How would Jesus have felt seeing the nails from his trade about to be hammered into his flesh.

And then it dropped into my mind that Jesus wasn’t born into the carpenter trade arbitrarily. He came as a carpenter knowing He would be executed by a product of carpentry- a wooden cross. It symbolizes how the Creator was killed by the thing He created. Jesus the Creator came as a man and was crucified by man. Jesus was a carpenter and crucified on a tree.

God is so intentional. The truth of His words reverberate again and again and again. What an amazing God.

Disturbing Hawaii & Alice Dreams

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I’m swimming in the ocean and having a good time. The water is aqua. All of a sudden I realize there’s been a change. I look around, there’s no swimmers and surfers. The sky is a more afternoon grey tint. The water has grown calm. Then I realize it’s low tide and I am caught right in the middle of it. The first wave from the shore starts to form and come toward me. I duck. It wasn’t too bad. But another is forming behind me. I’m caught in Hawaii’s infamous waves. I’m furiously pedaling with my feet and I begin signaling with my arms in the hopes that a lifeguard will see me. But there’s no visible people on the shore.

Next scene. I’m playing volleyball and others are playing ping pong and everyone having a good time. I meet many different people- and everyone has their friends around. I’m waiting around for a game to open up. I’m talking to people here and there. I meet a painter who does murals and ask if he wants to paint our church mural. I’m on a balcony talking to a girl who thinks I’m her mom at a distance. There are different nationalities that are congregating among themselves at the ping pong table. Then all of a sudden there’s an enormous shadow across the sky and, almost like shadow puppets, I see volcanic lava slowing gurgling up all in shadow.

Everyone starts to book it. There was one group of people I knew who were now in an RV. I yell for them to wait and let me atleast grab the ladder on the outside but they take off. So I start trekking across the city terrain. I’m making okay speed and not entirely immobilized. But when I run across the earth I notice the ground beneath me is spongy and I realize there are large holes everywhere. Uh oh. I am using my hand like crutches and swinging my entire body over distances. One large snake starts to emerge and I poke a long stick in there, seeing it hiss at the stick for a millisecond.

Well I never see any lava. Eventually I see a few others I know but that portion of the dream never concludes positively. Rather, unfinished

Inheriting a House

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 1:15 pm on Monday, March 1, 2010

I dreamed that Shin and I were in the middle of some busy square. We were seated on cafeteria tables and chairs surrounded by many of the same. There were these two story flats that were kind of run down but there was also an entrance to another multi home complex.

Shin and I were happy and chatting but I sensed homelessness around us. People were muttering that they would want to live in these homes. There was a man giving some kind of speech or sermon who then asked, “Who would be willing to give up his home?” It was a rhetorical question but suddenly an old man sitting alone said, “I will give away my home.” (or give up my home.)

I was interested to see how they would determine a person to give it to. The man started praying and walking and I started praying silently for Shin and I was asking the Lord for more. Then the man came directly to Shin and placed his hand on Shin’s forehead and was praying! I understood that Shin was the recipient!

Shortly after we saw a pastor/missionary we know and he met us for coffee and he was sleepy and irritable- partly aggravated by the fact that we received the home.

My take on the meaning: Shin is about to inherit something- but what? And it wasn’t given to him directly, but by impartation. And it also involved me interceding and asking God to pour it out on Shin. That’s a lot of people involved in a gift being imparted. Perhaps the old man was God the Father. And what does the house represent? Is it a literal living space, spiritual inheritance, or symbolic- like a position of some sort?

Duckling Dream

Filed under: Dreams & Nightmares — Annie at 1:03 pm on Monday, March 1, 2010

Early on in the dream I was in a supermarket and my FIL said that since our car broke down they would make the final payment on a silver car that they had been making payments on and it would be ours.

The main part of the dream was that I was at the beach and our cousin Julie and her 5 month old(?) were there. And also my friend Laura whose pregnant was there. In the water there were whales and other large animal life very close to the shore moving around. On the right most part of the shore there was a whale and a huge octopus but I was nervous about the octopus so I kept a distance. There was also a female who was swimming with a creature. When they emerged from the water the creature had this massive closed mouth like a whale or frog mouth (could it be the mouth of the birth canal?).

Then to our left someone was releasing into the water little ducklings, I followed one with my eyes and a little moth was fluttering around it and bothering it. Another one was just happily going further out. Then someone brought onto the water a large floating plastic tray with a bunch of small plants on it and the ducklings would come up on the tray and eat. It was very cute and I was taking photos on my digital camera.

When I viewed the pictures on my camera I saw, duck, duck, and then a baby! And I thought… wow babies look like little ducks, or vice versa.

Then my friend Laura suddenly rolled off the sand a small drop and she was anxious about her baby’s safety in the womb. So I asked if I could pray for her and she said ok. And I prayed for the safety of the baby. I asked God to confirm the baby’s safety by making the baby move again inside her and the baby moved so she was ok. She grimaced again and this time said it was nothing, the baby just had two teeth.

That was my dream on Saturday and presently I haven’t gotten my period for this month and I’m waiting to see if I could be pregnant…I think the shore is motherhood, and the creatures might be babies in the womb. But the ducklings are babies out of the womb? I don’t fully understand it but… maybe with time.