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Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

Finishing the Train

Filed under: Studio Art — Annie at 6:26 pm on Friday, March 31, 2006

I think I’m finished with this first installment of wedding invitations. I dropped off the remaining pieces this morning at my “client’s new apartment. That feels pretty refreshing. But I’m still wrapping up this darn train. The truth be told, I am pretty good at recreating from visuals. The train was drawn in front of an actual, live train. But the rest of the train didn’t exist. So, I’m left to imagine the rest and draw. This is where I falter. I have to use my imagination… If I was good at drawing from memory, maybe I could draw people too, but I can’t. So my way of adapting my weakness was to turn the rest of the train into something surreal, after getting a hold of some neat images. In the meanwhile, my professor hasn’t given me an official grade yet! So that has me a little stressed to finish this. This is where I have to be a professional and not a hobbyist.
In the meanwhile, I’m craving a filet-o-fish.

In a short while I’m going to drive over to Ralphs and pick up a can of spam… or… maybe something healthier and make some kimchee stir fry for Shin and my dinner. Usually it’s just kimchee, spam and rice but I might throw in some peas and carrots, and maybe some chicken instead.. make it a sort of Chinese/Korean fried rice, kimchee variety. Ok… that could turn out really weird.. we’ll just have to see… for now I should get back to the lead and shade away.. I’ll update with some pictures shortly.

Long Blah-g

Filed under: Married Life — Annie at 7:43 pm on Monday, March 27, 2006

Today is the first day of Spring Quarter 2006.
I just finished my first class, and in about an hour, I have my second class with the same professor.

The first class already seems hopeful- it looks like it’s going to be a lot deeper exploration into photoshop. I never knew it, but I think my professor is a bit sentimental! The suggested items he told us to bring for our first montage were all, old letters, feathers, tickets… to me that sounds very, “Message in a Bottle” or “The Notebook” material. I’ll have to think about what 2d items to bring- or, what 3d items to make 2d.

This morning I did yoga for the first time in a while- the things I discovered: I can hold my hold my left toe with my left hand and straighten out my leg. I can’t hold it for very long, but its getting there. I’m far from getting there on my right side though. I noticed that somewhere along the line, I gained more flexibility in my left side, then my right. Could that be because my spine is crooked towards the left? When I’m seated on the ground with feet apart and touch my toes, my nose falls lower on my left knee than my right.

In preparation for this quarter, Shin and I sat down last night and penciled things into our schedule- what we would eat for breakfast, lunch, & dinner this week, who would cook, which classes I’ll be studying for between classes… things that I hope will speed things up and help me save time. I have mostly evening classes this quarter with a lot more morning times, while Shin will get more working time in when he comes home and finds a quiet house. I really want to avoid the television this quarter.

We also had a very interesting discussion about our future family plans.
Here were some reasons why I would want to WAIT to have a baby:

1) I want to learn how to keep a spotless house. I would not want the baby to develop allergies from the dust in the rooms, or worse, be crawling around a bunch of hair balls. It sounds gross, but when you have laminate floors, all that dust isn’t clinging to carpet- its very visible and collects very very fast.. maybe we should consider the Roomba afterall…

Just a tangent, but Shin and I have tried SO many dry mops, sweepers, vacuums. Although the vaccuum we got wasn’t anything hefty, so far, what I think works best is the Swiffer. It’s light weight, no wet cloths to rewash and wring out, and paper towels fit on it, so you don’t have to buy those special cloths. The only bad thing is that it’s so light weight, that when you have to scrub anything, you have to get down with your hands and scrub. We haven’t tried a regular broom, but hm… that could really kick up more dust.

2) Also, I feel like I’ve only just discovered my gifts and passions- design- and I feel its such a shame to immediately have a child. Not that I couldn’t design after I’m married, but, say I were to try to get back into the work force later on- I’d ultimately have to start all over again. If, I even ended up being able to work. So, it’s a possibility that I could start working now before I graduate, and then maybe a half year after I graduate before we try to start a family. That would also give us time to make some extra money and financially prepare.

3) My older sister isn’t married, and I’m sure she’d appreciate it if I slowed down some so she could marry and have a child before me. If you happen to think that’s bizarre- let me explain- she’s a first child, and that carries some authority and responsibility. For example, the first child is expected to leave the nest first, and have a child first, to preserve the age-based heirarchy- not only between her and I, but among our children as well. When the younger one marries before the older, some perceive that it becomes more difficult for the older one to marry- like a jinx. Maybe there’s such a thing as first JOY and its reserved for the oldest sibling.

4) I don’t want to have children because my parents or my inlaws are putting on the pressure! I believe that they’re just looking forward to being grandparents- all four of our parents- but they also want us to raise them and regain our own lives again. I would like to see our kids independent before we retire.

5) Am I emotionally ready to have a toddler, and then a young kid, and then a teenager?

Blah.. Im getting a headache…

But the Pro’s of having children are the following:
1) The Blessing. We’re married. We found each other. We’ve been provided for, we’re healthy. There seems to be no better reason than that.

2) A baby!! A human to love and be loved by…how cute and how extraordinary, and how challenging.

3) My sister will be engaged soon, and outwardly, she’s given her blessings on us.

4) Being pregnant, and then being home with the kids could provide even more time to do the things I’ve wanted to do, like making art or making creative breakthroughs.

5) I want to see our two families become more integrated. When we have kids, our parents will visit more often.

6) Having kids will force me to be disciplined- it will teach me how to handle more. It will force us to child proof our home and get rid of junk.

7) We could clean up the office and make it a nursery- that means we’ll shuffle things around in our living room and make it look nicer- ahhh… it comes back to design.

And.. its time for class to start

Wedding Invitation

Filed under: Design — Annie at 11:50 am on Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lately, I’ve had less to say and more to show. This has been a very artistically fruitful period for me. Very productive and exploratory. A friend in my small group (a group of people who are reading books about God in West LA) is getting married and she asked me if I could help her design her invitation set. So that will include,
rsvp card,
two maps,
ceremony program,
table placecards,
thank you cards.
It’s been very thrilling and stressing. I’ve been learning in real life how to interact with a client and trying to find that balance of meeting their deadline and trying to create something that I, as the designer, am completely satisfied with. I feel that undue pressure to create something “good” because my name is on it- its on 400 invitations, to be exact.

Well, atleast for now, I can show what the invitation turned out looking like. We had a lot of talk about which color ribbon to use, including a mad search for the perfect shade of purple. in the end, I suggested going back to ivory, in order to bring out the mauve paper, which she loves.

Train sketches

Filed under: Studio Art — Annie at 2:32 pm on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is what I’m working on this morning.. I had a really great perspectives teacher who, instead of drawing a bunch of boring buildings for our final project, he told us to go to the Travel town museum to draw trains..Thats where Shin and I took the jump pictures below. So.. .it’s spring break… but I’m finishing this up to show him, because he liked how it was coming a long and wanted me to take my time on it.. I like it too.. but I only have pictures for the first part of the train.. the rest I’d have to make it up… so I was contemplating making it surreal…. like making the last half of the train turn into a roll of quarters or something.

Next Look

Filed under: Design — Annie at 1:43 am on Friday, March 17, 2006

I’ve been wanting a haircut really bad lately. Something different… especially after this rocky quarter. On one hand, I’ve been dying to donate my hair to Locks of Love but it will take a while to get there…But so many options… This was my solution. Original pictures from, and the first one is of a celebrity.

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