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Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

“Bookguh” jokes

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What is a “bookguh”? It’s the name of a fish that is popular in Korean dishes.
In English it’s called the Pollack fish.
So in essence.. these are another form of Pollack jokes that Shin and I came up with in a late-night conversation one day.

  • If you can’t stand the “bookguh”, get out of the “boo-uk” (kitchen in Korean)
    -by Annie
  • What did the mommy fish say to the baby fish?
    Watch out for the “bookguh” man!!!
    -by Annie
  • What did the mommy fish say to the baby fish?
    “Hamburger goman mukkuh! Fatbookguh deh ji mah!!!” (Stop eating hamburgers! You’re gonna become a Fat”bookguh” [Fatburger]
    -by Annie
  • What did the daddy fish say to the mommy fish before they went to bed?
    “Ppali boo kkuh!” (“Hurry up and turn out the light!”)
    -by Shin

Surfin’ USA & Rock n’ Bowl

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January 21, Saturday, Shin planned a beach date for us.
We drove along the coast from Manhattan Beach on Vista Del Mar to PCH in Laguna Beach!
It was a 5 hour trip including lunch and a few other stops.

We basically passed through…(lets see if I can get this in order…
Manhattan, Redondo, Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Huntington, Bolsa Chica, Newport, Dana Point, and my hometown- Laguna Beach.

Here are a few pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t name which beach is which exactly, but I do remember thinking that each beach had its own distinct qualities. For example, it was my first time going through Palos Verdes Drive- theres a road along the winding hillside that looks out on the beach with these huge, beautiful houses. And there are these high cliffs that reminded me of … Canada – Prince Edwards Islands or some other non-Californian, coastal state.

Well anyhow, here’s plenty of pictures from our date.

I took quite a few pictures of the pier because a good friend of my mom, Mimi, used to live in Huntington beach and she is really fond of the Ruby’s restaurant on the end of the pier. So I was trying to get some good pictures so I could paint it for her. But as close as I thought I was, the pier was still just a speck away. So we took pictures every few blocks. I particularly liked these for the mood they give as the sun is setting. Especially the one with the birds caught in mid air.

After we hit Laguna Beach we headed over to my parents house and then we all left together for Garden Grove for Joey’s 17th birthday! We ate at Shikdorak, a popular Korean grill place and then went to Tustin Lanes to go bowling. My first game I came in last place with, I think a 63. Pathetic, I know. I was trying to relearn the “spin” method and it just wasn’t working for me. So then I got booted to the slow lane while the top 3 (Jean, Steve, Joey) got to speedbowl on the other lane. haha. But the second round things came together and I got a 163! I was just 3 points behind Jean, who came in first place with 166. That was the first time I broke one hundred I think! Not bad.. not bad…And actually… that was the first decent time I had with my sister in a looooong while, especially since I’ve been seeing my family a LOT this past month. That’s been really very meaningful for Shin and I both.

Here’s my dad… a much changed man. He is someone who I see as being much happier and satisfied with life. Ask me why.

We waited for the lanes for about 45 minutes to an hour. But it was fun in the meanwhile.

Picture with my mom. Haven’t had many of those recently.

New Years Day

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New Years with new family…

New Years Signs

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…we were trying to make the 2006 sign with our hands… and… Shin’s eyeballs…Happy 2006!!!!


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After that near fateful accident at Big Bear, Shin and I went to Gardena to meet my family and sisters boyfriend at my aunt’s sushi restaurant. The hostility that was present in the last family dinner was evident this time too. Except this time I chose to show her my unhappiness by giving her looks. Looks like, “I can’t believe you would talk to mom and dad that way”, or “you’re such a jerk”.

There was a moment when her boyfriend looked over at me casually and said, “I know why you gave her that look and I’ll talk to her about it.” I think it was his nice way of saying, “I’d appreciate if you stopped giving my girlfriend dirty looks.” I was pretty impressed with his tact and courtesy- after Shin pointed out the awkward situation that I put Steve in, by confronting Jean in front of him.

In actuality, things started off ok between she and I when we first got there. I think we were both consciously trying to repair things nonverbally. We both came prepared with “peace” gifts: I brought her a lipgloss from Bath and Body Works, and she gave Shin and I some shirts and books and other stuff. But soon enough, like carbon monoxide without venthilation, there was undeniable death in the air.

Sister and her boyfriend, Steve

After that incident I started to think very seriously about my relationship with her. Why it was that after seeing or spending such a short amount of time with her, that I could feel so much anger and hate towards her?

That following week I had a meltdown at school. I was sitting in this one corner on top of the lockers in the hallway (there’s about 4 feet high). I was sitting by myself and eating lunch with disposable chopsticks that I packed. As I thought about my relationship with her I felt so hurt remembering things she’s said and done to me in the past that tears started rolling down. Feeling embarrassed, I put on my sunglasses in the middle of that flourescent-lit hall. I felt like some weird chesire cat/freak just watching everyone go by. There was actually this girl who walked by with her parents and she looked at me sweetly and smiled as she walked by. I felt like I was supposed to wave at her, like I was a big Chucky Cheese or something. Atleast my behavior could be considered normal in that art building.

But anyhow.. so then our youth group’s winter retreat rolled around and one of the activities was on forgiveness. Our pastor asked us to do a little meditation exercise where we imagine we’re in a white room, and there’s a painting on the wall of a person that you can’t forgive. (I envisioned my room having some nice windows too…). There was only one painting on my mental wall and it was a gold, gilded frame of the “Princess”. Then we were led to invite Jesus into the room. We were supposed to ask Jesus to forgive them for all the things they did wrong to us. And that we should really forgive them at that moment and remember this room anytime we thought back.

Its strange but it was as though my deppressive week of becoming infuriated at the thought of her and feeling sad was all preparation for me to experience this forgiveness in a huge way. It was a particularly huge moment to consciously let go; I wanted to forgive her and I felt that I could genuinely forget about all of the crap and lack of love that happens as you grow up. The timing was so oddly perfect I knew it was a God given moment.

The honest truth is, all that hurt and disappointment is really because I love my sister very much and want a friendship with her. And its all the miscommunication and intentional wounds we’ve given each other for whatever reason that has driven stakes of pride between us. What I resolved during that retreat was that I would immediately take action to make amends with her when I got back from the mountains.

I called her Monday morning and we decided to make tentative plans for next week. I’ll keep you all posted.

My lil brother at the sushi restaurant. Its his birthday on the 24th! 17?!!

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