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Shin's gift to Annie on their One Year Anniversary

“Fresh From My Childhood” postcard series

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Saturday mornings I wake up to the shrieking grind of the juicer through my bedroom wall. What usually awaits me is a glass of Moms infamous avocado-banana juice.

A bite of fresh peach instantly takes me back to afternoons at Laguna Beach. The juices drip on my tan, wrinkled hands like the water from my salty hair. I feel the bumpy cushions of sand under my towel. I eat my peach fast, impatient to go back in the ocean.

Oranges are my favorite. I take them to my elementary school. My mom cuts the peel into wedges so I can pull it off easily at recess. Sometimes if she’s busy I just use my buck teeth to tear off the first peel. Then the rest is easier.

My mom has gottten expert with the fruit knife. She can whittle the skin off a pear in a strand while holding a conversation. Whenever I try she says I cut off too much fruit.

Death Valley over Thanksgiving

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This weekend Shin planned a spontaneous trip to Death Valley for the weekend. So Thursday was Thanksgiving, we went to his aunt’s house in Oceanside, then stopped off in Irvine to meet with Joey, Jean, Steve and his relatives. Then came up to my mother & father-in-laws home in Torrance and spent the night there. We watched Oceans Twelve, which was not as bad as everyone said, and I made more earrings. I made a new collection of 8 pairs of earrings, which I’ll have to document later. Then Friday morning we hit some shops around Southbay for the black day sales. Shin got mostly geeky computer stuff. Then he took me to Del Amo mall, which was madness. I was in search of jeans and finally I felt so fed up with my shopaholic tendencies that I didn’t get anything and we left. And about that time we planned the death valley trip.

Then at about 6pm Shin got a text message from our friends in Irvine about where to meet. Dang it. I called a dinner among the four of us and I completely, straight-up FORGOT. I couldn’t believe it. I was so embarrassed. And to make matters more, well, embarrassing, our friend had called my sister and got her all worried about us. Sheesh. So we almost didn’t go on our trip b/c we felt bad. But actually, this was one place that Shin had really really wanted to take me to.

So, we left on Friday night at 9pm and were about 3/4 of the way there by 11pm. After eating food from multiple locations, including, the train station McDonalds, we parked and slept in the car outside of Denny’s. Btw, I was so paranoid about sleeping outdoors in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t help when Shin kept reassuring me that there’s no one out there- so we could get harmed with no one to help us, or a hospital nearby- But I had to let my fears go and try it out. So early at 5am the next morning we woke up and drove the rest of the way there. We arrived at the visitor center of Death Valley National Park at 7:30am. Here’s a picture at the first lookout point:

From there, I can’t share too much detail about the hike we took because it’s part of the Death Valley Challenge. But I will say that it was certainly a challenge. It was physically difficult- to the point that I was about to vomit (and, in fact, some of the other students that came in years before, HAD vomited from overexertion) and it was emotionally hard to tough it out without giving up. But I really saw Shin’s love for me and a metaphor of our marriage because he was beside me when I was catching my breath, and when I was on my hands and knees on the sand dunes. He held my arm up and led the way as we were in that final exhausting stretch.

And when we finally made it to the destination we celebrated together! And it was the most beautiful site.. I felt like we were in a different country.

The second part of the trip was a saltwater creek in the middle of desert… there are chrystal trails created from the remnants of former trickling paths. The new waters flow way past the wooden path that envelope the site.

So anyhow.. all in all… it was the longest 3 day weekend I’ve ever experienced! It was a SUPER vacation, a time lapse!

I would recommend the DVC to others, although I don’t know if I would want to do it again. I think next on our list will be Yosemite…

My Fabulous Shoes!

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Check these out. I got them for $2 at my church parking lot sale/bizarre. They are sweet and practically brand new. The soles are hardly worn at all. Green is my thing right now. So the other day in class my Spanish friend Ivan sits in front of me and I guess he noticed my shoes, b/c the next day in class he said, “I noticed your fabulous shoes!” Did he just say fabulous? Hahah. That was great.

City of plaster pumpkins

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After three tries of about 3-4 pumpkins each time, Shin and I have reached an art of mixing plaster to water (otherwise fixing the damages afterwards), and mastering the string tying techniques to get relative evenness of each side. Thankfully, they don’t seem to be perfectly symmetrical in nature- or in the lab.
Influenced by the recent MOCA exhibit called, “Ecstasy”, Shin took these photographs to mirror one of the exhibits, which was made up of a city of miniature mushrooms that spanned a large room sized area. They look quite interesting.

A change of topic… tonight we met with SHin’s parents. It’s been a while. And they sent us home with snacks, meat, and this common household plant that supposedly absorbs bad electromagnetic radiation(?) EMR. She potted it for us and now it’s in the office.